The New Best Easy Life

1 hr 44 min
Dec 29, 2019

The New, Best, Easy Life – found inscription on a large black plastic recycling bag – is the title and concept of the theater’s current work, which began with the diaries of Richard Foreman. Some fragments of the text have been deconstructed and transferred into movement snippets and recombined again to obtain new forms and meanings. Scenographically, the work is defined as having casual or surface sensibility, with light and simple cabaret mise-en-scènes, using the aesthetics of everyday ready-made garb from shopping malls.

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Cast & Crew Members

Nutsa Iashvili

Keto Tatishvili

Tamar Korkotashvili

Salome Pilishvili

Gigi Loria

Nika Shanava

Elene Melikidze

Lako Machavariani

Ana Kalandarishvili