Pinocchio’s Ligistic Ritual 000 000 000

We are the first in the world: the book of Constantinople and Venice, in which it is narrated that all the works of men are nothing but a dream, and many other matters worthy of attention are also mentioned. Associated locations: Giacomo Casanova’s house in the Castello district, his second residence, Palazzo Capello/Malipiero on the Grand Canal, and the Church of San Giorgio Maggiore east of Giudecca Island in Venice.

With: Tina Elbakidze, Nini Kobaladze, Keto Tatishvili, Tamar Korkotashvili, Lako Machavariani

Conceived and directed: David Chikhladze

Video: Mariam Shergelashvili

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David Chikhladze


Mariam Shergelashvili

Tina Elbakidze

Nini Kobaladze

Keto Tatishvili

Tamar Korkotashvili

Lako Machavariani