Melville’s Factory Open Rehearsal


Margo Korableva Performance Theatre presents one of its open rehearsals Melville’s Factory, which combines working and production time that no longer differ. The Melville’s Factory method serves to eliminate the theatrical role on stage and to create and reproduce the role of oneself in the here and now situation, so that the participant can find personal expressions of the alter ego, super ego and ego circuits and present them to the audience too. Formally, this method was based on the play Melville’s Factory, which outlined the content as well as the conditions of performance. In 1997-98, Melville’s Factory was performed several times at the Tbilisi Ballet School and once at the disco club IGA.

During the action improvisation of Melville’s Factory, the actors have no immediate physical or textual responses to each other. While sometimes there may even be an attempt to initiate a directive dialogue, the actors are still isolated parts of a common, indivisible and separated background and perceive each other as if beyond the surface of a glass.

Author of the work: David Chikhladze

Participants: Nutsa Iashvili, Nika Shanava, Keto Tatishvili, Ana Kalanadarishvili, Lako Matchavariani, Gigi Loria, Tamar Korkotashvili, Elene Melikidze, Pini Kapanadze, George Tsamalashvili, Mariamo Cholokava, Tsisia Rostiashvili, Salome Pilishvili

Filmed by: Iva Chitidze

The project was implemented within the framework of Artisterium Tbilisi International Contemporary Art Exhibition, Offline-Online, 2020

Supporters: Artarea / TV2.0 and Art and Innovation Hub

Videos and Trailers

Cast & Crew Members

David Chikhladze

Author of the work

Nutsa Iashvili

Nika Shanava

Keto Tatishvili

Ana Kalandarishvili

Lako Matchavariani

Gigi Loria

Tamar Korkotashvili