For 2-D Theater


In the parts of the Dialogues and Structurobics the work consists of the pomp of the rebuilt dialogue forms. Within 1-2 hours approximately the viewer can join at any time and watch and listen to a collection of synchronous, dubbed, inverted, noetic, collective, corporeal, non-vowel and tacit dialogues that make and describe the interior and exterior of a dialogue outside the usual time frame in a flat 2-dimensional picture-like mise-en-scene form.


Written and directed by David Chikhladze. Silly theatrical games for soccerers (sic.), typists, businessmen, ballerinas and madman; joyfully discovering the conspiracy of every days absurd logic. Collective:Unconscious, NYC, 2000

With: Yelena Gluzman, Matvei Yankelevich, Filip Marinovich, Amy Fusselman, Maya Jowlar

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